The Space donates all of its profits to charitable projects that help people to live healthier and happier lives. Every time you make a purchase our communities benefit and you are helping us to achieve our aim in making people live happier and healthier lives. One of our flagship initiatives that aims to improve physical and social interaction for people with long term conditions is the Step Out, Move On Project.

Following its successful launch in 2014 in Keynsham, and the amazing feedback received from participants, we aim to launch the project in other areas of the UK starting with London, Worthing and Slough.

The project is managed by Aquaterra Leisure (registered charity number 306153), an organisation with over 40 years’ experience of working with local communities. The charity has had continued, evidenced success in helping people increase their physical activity levels, lose weight, improve their nutrition, manage their long-term health conditions, change their sedentary lifestyles and improve social interaction and befriending.

Aquaterra Leisure creates opportunities and programmes that give support to people to adopt active lifestyles, to have a sense of purpose and to enable them to avoid social isolation, ultimately helping them change their own lives.


Other Charitable Projects

Aquaterra Leisure has over 30 years’ experience in delivering successful charitable projects in Islington, Camden, Bath & NE Somerset, Worthing and more recently in Slough.

Some examples of our most recent projects are:

  • Saturday Night Project for those aged 13-19 to tackle isolation, social interaction and lower local crimes rates (2012-2014, Islington, North London)

  • Get Together Sessions, in partnership with Age UK, to provide social and physical activities for people facing isolation (2010 – 2014, Islington, North London)

  • Cardiac Care Sessions (2010 – present, Islington, North London)

  • Walk & Talk Sessions, giving advice to groups to set up own walking leaders groups (Islington, North London)

  • Government contract for Adult Weight Management and GP Referral Scheme (2010 to present, Camden and Islington, North London)

  • Step Out, Move On Project to improve physical and social interactions for people with long-term health conditions (2014 to present, Keynsham,)

  • The Somerdale Community Shed that tackles isolation and provides purposeful activities in the community (2014 to present, Keynsham)

  • Let’s Get Physical Project: improving health and wellbeing for children on low incomes (2015 – 2016, Slough)

  • Memory Lane Project: improving sensory experiences with people living with Dementia (Worthing)


Aquaterra has also created GreenUs in order to help further its charitable aims. GreenUs is an online store offering hand-picked cruelty free, organic cosmetics and skincare products. All profits from GreenUs sales are used to run the community projects that change the lives of those who need that support the most. 

Greenus is a trading name of Aquaterra Leisure - registered charity number 306153 and Company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales number 989353.

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